Choices. We are faced with choices that either help or derail our dreams, goals and ambitions. “salad or bread?” The waiter asks. We choose bread. Our brain then reminds us of a goal. But, what clean eating lifestyle you’re talking about brain? Oh yeah, that, man it’s too…

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The Imagined Problem

Open the window to fresh air

  Here is a peaceful truth – A great number of our problems do not exist. For a large part of our day and life, we are trapped in continuous mind activity. So for instance, I had a situation that occupied my mind and ‘time’. I sat motionless with a…

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Opinions, Conflict & Anxiety

Angry man! comp

  We are all ‘experts’ in what I’ll share below. As a child, I knew I wasn’t allowed to speak much around adults. I had to be seen and not heard and I had to ‘keep still’. At some point, perhaps in Junior High, there was a change in treatment…

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The art of dropping the F@*! Word. For Dummies.

  Your mind is that distracting classmate your parents warn you about. The one that the teacher ensures you sit far away from because all they do is hold you back. We are weary of the company we keep yet hardly weary of the mind we feed. Your mind would…

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