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Shalisha – A woman on a journey. Life in a Suitcase. Globe Trotter –  Samuel

It was a sunny day in Kingstown St. Vincent when I came out kicking! I grew up on the outskirts of Kingstown to parents from polar ends of the island.  Even at 5 I was adventurous and would pick pods and use the seeds in a bucket to shower, hoping to find some miracle magic. I grew dahlia and morning glory and loved to climb trees. Anything the boys did, I knew I could’ve too so my plaits were the only thing separating me from the boys.

My love for nature remained while I lived in Barbados, NYC and Europe.

I’m a law student. I’ve a thing for Intellectual Property.  My story is just the now. Who I am is really who I ‘Shal’ be.  I’m making strides to see that those with less opportunities and access are empowered to live out their purpose.  I simply want to help others and I’ll be more blessed very soon to make greater contributions.

That’s it for now! I’m under construction!



  1. Go for it auntie.May you have a wonderful journey.

  2. Continue being the Strong woman you are; very proud of you.

  3. It’s really nice, my friend! Proud of you!

  4. Ellen Mawuena Dzilah

    Indeed, a woman on a journey

  5. Hey there, it’s just the childhood lil’ sister of a dear friend. My former name is Allana Paul & my sister’s Glenesha Paul. On her behalf I just wanted to say how proud we are of you and how glad we were to share time and space with you on this earth. May God continue to guide your feet. Love always

    Allana & Glenesha Paul

  6. Go all out and fulfill the great commission. The Potter is gonna mould you right.

  7. I have been fortunate to know and have to vibrant discussion/debate with Shalisha and I endorse this woman!… Great potential, intellect, ability and passion!

  8. Hi Shalisha,

    Keep on singing, you have THE thing!

    See you

  9. looking good shellie, XOXOXOXO

  10. here gobbling up all of your articles
    Beautiful site
    You have a new subby

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