7 books I’m Forever Thankful For

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Over the years, there are some books that have helped me to make steps and even jump over steps and also made me see that there aren’t no damn steps to begin with, that I’m already here. These books helped me to recognise what I already have and how I…

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What Happened on the day I was Fearless


Three years ago I was on the number 14 tram in Geneva on my way home from work. It was as the tram started to move off that the secret Napoleon Hill was talking about came flowing through my mind, spirit and then to my face into a smile. I…

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Before your Thoughts turn into your Noose. Confessions.


  There is a thought or temptation that, due to guilt or shame for having the thought, you pretend it does not exist. The only effort you’ve made, albeit unproductive, is to condemn and beat yourself up. “I’m a better person than this” “I should know better” or, “I’ve judged…

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